It is particularly encouraging, when beneficiaries express their feelings in relation to the work done by the IGBF. The statements below are actual statements received and reflect the diversity of the work undertaken.


"As old as I am I still count the days to the 1st of every month, and am up waiting for the postman coming with your generous cheque. You have no idea how much that cheque means to me. I feel like a millionaire on the 1st of every month."

From a South of Ireland widow of a former shop-keeper


"Thank you for your gift ‐ I feel reassured that someone is keeping an eye on me"

From widow of deceased Food Company Rep (no pension)


"My apologies for delay in lodging Grant Cheque ‐ I was waiting for the ESB and Telephone Bills to arrive, and your Christmas Bonus was much appreciated."

From a former shopkeeper forced to close due to illness (parent of 3 children still in education)...


"I am overwhelmed with your kindness, concern and generosity. My family and I are most grateful. With people like you and your Organisation it helps greatly to make the world a better place to live."

From a young widower (Retail Employee) who lost his wife through cancer and was left with 5 young children to care for - he had to reduce his working day to 'Mornings' to care for his children, with consequent substantial reduction in income.


"Your cheque is much appreciated and will be put to good use ‐ I am in bed as I write with infections, not responding to antibiotics."

From a former Food Co. Rep. forced out of work by a debilitating disease.


"Thanks again for your help at this time, it means a lot to us, and especially the 'School Assistance'"

From a young father and former Food Co. Employee who suffered back injuries forcing him out of work.


"I wish to express my sincere gratitude to and the IGBF for all your help and support to me and family over the last 2 years - I am delighted to be back in full employment and feel very positive about the future - your generous assistance helped us greatly with our difficult financial circumstances during my years without income. Once again Many Thanks for all your help."

From a father of 4 whose Company collapsed following the recession and after 2 years on the IGBF Family List secured new employmentment.